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This is for a 60 card deck featuring Katsu, the Wanderer, Ninja

The deck includes the 40 and 20 Life Point versions of the Hero, their weapon (s), armour/equipment, and a series of cards relevant to their Hero Type

For further details on the deck contents – https://fabtcg.com/resources/card-galleries/katsu-hero-deck/


The head of the Mugenshi clan, Katsu belongs to one of the hidden households of Misteria, concealed within the Gorge of a Thousand Winds. Undergoing the traditional journey of the Jokyoku, he successfully regained his memories and returned to the clan, earning his place as head of the clan. Years later, he has left the gorge once more, determined to find a cure for the curse affecting his people.

Calm and level-headed, some might underestimate Katsu, mistaking his practical nature for an aversion to violence. However, underneath his peaceful demeanour is a sharp intelligence, capable of becoming a deadly force of nature when provoked. In the heat of battle, Katsu can call upon the power of the wind, striking down his opponents with the speed of a hurricane.

Hero Highlights

Thousand Strikes

Inspired by classic 1v1 arcade fighting games of the 80’s and 90’s, Katsu brings good old “forward-down-forward-punch” combo chains to Flesh and Blood. Sequence your combo’s correctly to unleash devastating finishing moves!

Be as the Wind

Ninja’s are the most agile class in Flesh and Blood, shown by their unparalleled access to go again attacks. Blow the enemy away with a tempest of attacks that stretch their defenses to breaking point.

Everything you need to jump straight into the hot new trading card game! A ready-to-play, 60-card deck plus hero, weapon and equipment cards.
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