Kaldheim – 1x Set of UNCOMMON cards (80 Cards)


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Kaldheim – 1x Set of UNCOMMON cards (80 Cards)

February 2021 EXPANSION – (Release Date 05 February 2021)

This set is a top-down Norse mythologyinspired set; Magic’s take on what a world inspired by Vikings might look like. This set contains 285 regular cards and includes randomly inserted premium (foil) versions of all cards. Alternate card frames have another card number than the original version and are also part of this set.

This set’s Showcase cards are all Legendary, with a card frame featuring geometric patterns reminiscent of metal Viking art!

The planeswalker Kaya visits a world of prophecy and legend, mortals and monsters. A world of “many realms, epic sagas, bound by one truth. Viking or Valkyrie, Elf or Dwarf, all belong to the World Tree, all are supplicant to the gods. Gods who travel between the realms to do their bidding for peace, for bloodshed, or for their own amusement. But what if there was a way to harness this power? A weapon with the ability to protect all. A weapon of pure strength. Forged for a god. Or… in more creative hands, a weapon of unimaginable chaos.”


Release date: Feb 05, 2021
Set code: KHM
Product type: 1 of each regular Uncommon card from the Kaldheim Expansion. (1 of each of these listed…)

Battershield Warrior Basalt Ravager Kardur, Doomscourge
Clarion Spirit Crush the Weak Kardur’s Vicious Return
Divine Gambit Doomskar Titan Koll, the Forgemaster
Kaya’s Onslaught Dual Strike Maja, Bretagard Protector
Rune of Sustenance Dwarven Hammer Moritte of the Frost
Shepherd of the Cosmos Fearless Liberator Narfi, Betrayer King
Spectral Steel Frenzied Raider Niko Defies Destiny
Usher of the Fallen Provoke the Trolls Svella, Ice Shaper
Valkyrie’s Sword Rune of Speed The Three Seasons
Avalanche Caller Blizzard Brawl The Trickster-God’s Heist
Frost Augur Boreal Outrider Vega, the Watcher
Frostpyre Arcanist Elven Bow Bloodline Pretender
Giant’s Amulet Fynn, the Fangbearer Colossal Plow
Glimpse the Cosmos Littjara Glade-Warden Replicating Ring
Icebind Pillar Path to the World Tree Runed Crown
Inga Rune-Eyes Rootless Yew Weathered Runestone
Rune of Flight Rune of Might Axgard Armory
Saw It Coming Spirit of the Aldergard Bretagard Stronghold
Bloodsky Berserker Aegar, the Freezing Flame Gates of Istfell
Draugr’s Helm Arni Slays the Troll Gnottvold Slumbermound
Hailstorm Valkyrie Ascent of the Worthy Great Hall of Starnheim
Poison the Cup Binding the Old Gods Immersturm Skullcairn
Return Upon the Tide Fall of the Impostor Littjara Mirrorlake
Rune of Mortality Firja, Judge of Valor Port of Karfell
Skemfar Shadowsage Forging the Tyrite Sword Skemfar Elderhall
Tergrid’s Shadow Harald, King of Skemfar Surtland Frostpyre
Vengeful Reaper Invasion of the Giants

Set Configuration:

80 Uncommons

Please note: This doesn’t come with Alternate art cards (Just regular ones), Basic Snow Lands or non-basic Snow Lands – See another item…!