Marvel Champions: Scarlet Witch – Hero Pack

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“You were right, Billy. I am the Scarlet Witch… and I remember everything.”
–Scarlet Witch, Avengers: The Children’s Crusade

Lost and wandering Europe for years with her brother Pietro, Wanda Maximoff had little idea of the arcane powers vested in her—until she unleashed her reality-warping chaos magic to protect the innocent. Now in the guise of Scarlet Witch, Wanda has joined the Avengers, fighting alongside her brother!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the Scarlet Witch Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

Like previous Hero Packs, the Scarlet Witch Hero Pack unlocks a brand-new hero for your games, coming with a fully pre-built and ready-to-play 40-card Justice deck. Alongside this pre-built deck, you’ll find an assortment of cards for the other aspects of the game, giving you plenty of options for tweaking your Scarlet Witch deck or altering any other deck in your collection. Prepare for reality to twist and warp around you with this new Hero Pack!

Unlimited Power

Few heroes can match the power of Scarlet Witch, as she calls on chaos magic to reshape reality according to her whims—and yet, few heroes ride so close to the line of insanity, where a single slip could condemn you and your fellow heroes to uttermost destruction.


You’ll get a hint of this dichotomy with Scarlet Witch’s hero ability. When you’re playing as Scarlet Witch (Scarlet Witch, 1A), you can shape and alter the encounter deck—whenever you would count the boost icons on an encounter card, you can instead discard the top card of the encounter deck and count the boost icons on that card instead. With this ability to potentially mitigate a deadly attack or keep the villain’s scheme from advancing, you’ll always want to have Scarlet Witch in your corner. Of course, this ability comes with a cost—you’re shrinking the encounter deck, bringing you closer to running through the deck and gaining a permanent acceleration token. One card might not seem to matter much, but if there’s a theme tying Scarlet Witch’s signature cards, it’s thinning the encounter deck.

Blasting the villain with a Hex Bolt (Scarlet Witch, 4) grants you a range of powerful effects, depending on the cards that you discard from the encounter deck. Chaos Magic (Scarlet Witch, 3) lets you completely ignore the resource cost of a card, instead discarding an equal number of cards from the top of the encounter deck. Warp Reality (Scarlet Witch, 6) even lets you completely cancel an encounter card and discard it, though once again, you’ll need to discard more cards from the encounter deck. All of these effects are undeniably powerful, but you must be judicious and exercise control. If you succumb to the insatiable pull of magic, you may lose yourself forever.

Scarlet Witch is also unique in that she’s the first hero to feature two copies of her obligation, Slipping Sanity (Scarlet Witch, 23). This crumbling sanity can put a real dent in Scarlet Witch’s ability to keep fighting—you must either switch to your alter ego and exhaust to remove Slipping Sanity from the game, or discard the top five cards of the encounter deck, placing one threat on the main scheme for each star icon. Once again, you’re posed with a dangerous choice—do you play it safe and control your magic, or push your advantage and risk dooming the entire party?

It may be inevitable that you collect one or two acceleration tokens when you’re playing as Scarlet Witch. But fortunately, Scarlet Witch comes with the Justice aspect to help you clear away that threat even as it builds up. Speed (Scarlet Witch, 10) is exceptionally good at thwarting, which lets you focus on dealing damage or recovering to get back in the fight. Alternatively, if a scheme is getting close to progressing, there are few better events than Crisis Averted (Scarlet Witch, 12). This event removes a massive six threat from the main scheme, and perhaps more importantly, if you pay with a mental resource, you can ignore the crisis icon, potentially buying you a few more rounds in a deadly situation.

Alternatively, if you’re keeping threat under control, Swift Retribution (Scarlet Witch, 14) can be a perfect way to rack up more damage. This one-cost event causes the villain to scheme, before immediately dealing four damage to the villain. You could even follow up with Turn the Tide (Scarlet Witch, 15)—after your hero thwarts and removes all threat from a scheme, you can deal even more damage to an enemy.