Pokemon Theme Deck Darkness Ablaze – Galarian Sirfetch’d


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Darkness Ablaze Theme Deck –

“Galarian Sirfetch’d”

The Smashing Power of Galarian Sirfetch’d!

Brave and strong, the chivalrous Galarian Sirfetch’d fights fair and fights hard! With Stonjourner throwing rocky kicks and Professor’s Research keeping your options open, you can follow the knight’s path to an honorable victory. Hippowdon and Passimian add extra muscle to keep the Galarian Sirfetch’d theme deck steadfast and ready to strike!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Galarian Sirfetch’d Fighting Rare Holo
Galarian Sirfetch’d Fighting Rare
Galarian Farfetch’d Fighting Common
Dugtrio Fighting Uncommon
Diglett Fighting Common
Hippowdon Fighting Rare
Hippopotas Fighting Common
Stonjourner Fighting Rare
Sudowoodo Fighting Uncommon
Passimian Fighting Common
Bede Su Uncommon
Bird Keeper Su Uncommon
Great Ball I Uncommon
Hop Su Uncommon
Pokémon Catcher I Uncommon
Professor’s Research Su Rare
Sonia Su Uncommon
Switch I Uncommon
Turbo Patch I Uncommon
18× Fighting Energy Fighting E