Pokemon Theme Deck Darkness Ablaze – Galarian Darmanitan


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Darkness Ablaze Theme Deck –

“Galarian Darmanitan”

Cold as the north wind—or blazing with fiery determination—Galarian Darmanitan shows off deep composure and immense strength in battle! Professor’s Research keeps your hand full of options, and Pelipper keeps an eye out from the sky. Suicune, Kangaskhan, and Beartic add strong offense to keep the Galarian Darmanitan theme deck extra frosty!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Galarian Darmanitan Water Rare Holo
Galarian Darmanitan Water Rare
Galarian Darmanitan Fire Rare
Galarian Darumaka Water Common
Pelipper Water Uncommon
Wingull Water Common
Beartic Water Rare
Cubchoo Water Common
Wishiwashi Water Common
Suicune Water Rare
Kangaskhan Colorless Rare
Bede Su Uncommon
Bird Keeper Su Uncommon
Capacious Bucket I Uncommon
Great Ball I Uncommon
Hop Su Uncommon
Professor’s Research Su Rare
Sonia Su Uncommon
Switch I Uncommon
Turbo Patch I Uncommon
18× Water Energy Water E