Strixhaven – 1x Set of COMMON cards (105 Cards)


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Strixhaven – 1x Set of COMMON cards (105 Cards)

April 2021 EXPANSION – (Release Date 23 April 2021)


Release date: Apr 23, 2021
Set code: STX
Product type: 1 of each regular Common card from the Strixhaven Expansion. (1 of each of these listed…)

Environmental Sciences Novice Dissector Exhilarating Elocution
Expanded Anatomy Professor’s Warning Fractal Summoning
Introduction to Annihilation Promising Duskmage Infuse with Vitality
Introduction to Prophecy Specter of the Fens Inkling Summoning
Ageless Guardian Unwilling Ingredient Lorehold Pledgemage
Beaming Defiance Blood Age General Make Your Mark
Combat Professor Dragon’s Approach Moldering Karok
Defend the Campus Enthusiastic Study Needlethorn Drake
Eager First-Year First Day of Class Oggyar Battle-Seer
Expel Fuming Effigy Owlin Shieldmage
Guiding Voice Heated Debate Pest Summoning
Pilgrim of the Ages Illustrious Historian Prismari Pledgemage
Pillardrop Rescuer Pigment Storm Quandrix Pledgemage
Star Pupil Pillardrop Warden Relic Sloth
Stonerise Spirit Sudden Breakthrough Rise of Extus
Study Break Tome Shredder Silverquill Pledgemage
Arcane Subtraction Twinscroll Shaman Spectacle Mage
Burrog Befuddler Bayou Groff Spirit Summoning
Bury in Books Big Play Spiteful Squad
Curate Charge Through Square Up
Frost Trickster Field Trip Stonebound Mentor
Pop Quiz Leyline Invocation Teach by Example
Reject Mage Duel Thrilling Discovery
Resculpt Professor of Zoomancy Witherbloom Pledgemage
Serpentine Curve Reckless Amplimancer Biblioplex Assistant
Soothsayer Adept Scurrid Colony Campus Guide
Vortex Runner Spined Karok Cogwork Archivist
Waterfall Aerialist Springmane Cervin Excavated Wall
Arrogant Poet Tangletrap Letter of Acceptance
Crushing Disappointment Biomathematician Archway Commons
Essence Infusion Blood Researcher Lorehold Campus
Hunt for Specimens Cram Session Prismari Campus
Lash of Malice Elemental Masterpiece Quandrix Campus
Leech Fanatic Elemental Summoning Silverquill Campus
Mage Hunters’ Onslaught Eureka Moment Witherbloom Campus

Please note: This doesn’t come with Alternate art cards or Mysticals (Just regular ones) – See another item…! 105 Commons